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3 Most Important Tips for Aspiring Hair Professionals

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Thinking of kickstarting a career in hairdressing and styling? Good choice! In the modern world, where personal grooming is gaining continued importance in everyone’s lives, working with hair can be quite a lucrative prospect for success. As a hair guru and educator with immense industry experience of 15 years, Vipul Chudasama shares a few important tips for aspiring hair professionals.

Decide your Direction

Choosing to work with hair for a living is only half the decision made. Before you take the next steps in education and training, be clear about what you want to specialize in. There are several different avenues within the hairdressing profession to prove your talent – you can be a commercial hairdresser working in a salon for 8 hours and interacting with clients over appointments, or you can branch out into Session Styling where you can work with celebrities, models, movies, magazines and more. Another option is to become a Hair Artist looking to expand into training as well. Specialising in hair colouring is another option that has not yet taken off in our country.

Depending on your interest, plan your education and training to get maximum benefits that suit your specialisation. For example, in salon styling, basic hair education with regular upgrades is more than enough, but for a hair artist, it is important to invest in a solid foundation and continued learning to understand the art and science of hair in depth.

Pick a Training School

Some amount of formal hair education and training can only improve your chances of making it big in the hairdressing industry. If you have the financial backing, invest in your education at the best training school available – even if you have to move to another city. Choose a technically-sound academy with a proven track record and reliable instructors.

In case, you are unable to spend on education, at least pick a mentor or workspace that can guide you in the right direction. Attending masterclasses can also help upgrade your skills and keep you updated on the latest trends and techniques. Remember – do not stick to basic skills for a long time – continue pushing your talent and passion to new heights.

Make Practice a Habit

The best hairdressers never stop learning. There is always something new out there to familiarise yourself with. In a dynamic industry that sees innovations being born every day, the only way to stay on top of your game is to keep up with the developing ideas. For each technique, you learn, allow at least 500 times to completely master it.

Every professional has their own rules and techniques in keeping their skills and knowledge polished. As an aspiring hairdresser, observe, research, learn and adapt to the evolving industry and your individual work to carve out the best career possible.



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