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5 Careers to Choose From After Learning Hairdressing

Wondering what your career prospects are? The right education, adequate training, and a passion for hairdressing will have you spoilt for choice. There are several avenues to expand your career in the hair and beauty industry. But there are a few career paths you must carefully consider. If done right, these hairdressing careers can be extremely rewarding – in terms of job satisfaction and remuneration.


Freelancer is a broad term; when it comes to careers in hairdressing, you can be a freelance hair consultant or a hairstylist. There are so many more options in between – any job that employs your hairdressing knowledge, skills, and experience can be done on a freelance basis. It could be as straightforward as a barber or stylist, or at a higher level as a professional hair designer or educator. Freelance educators can either tie up with brands, salons, and institutions or organize events/classes independently.

Hair Entrepreneur

Starting a business is not easy, but not impossible if you have the right resources. But most importantly, you need the drive to transform your passion into a professional service and succeed. Entrepreneurship needn’t be limited to running a hair salon; you can start your business online and provide at-home services. While freelancers who travel to offer their services work independently, a service provider employs staff to cover a larger clientele and may offer additional services like bridal makeovers.


Celebrity Hairstylist

Want a niche clientele to showcase you showcase your skills to a wider audience? Love a fast-paced work environment that requires you to think and execute show-stopping looks that can turn into trends? Be a celebrity hairstylist! Most celebrities or their agencies employ a team to maintain their public image and hairstyling is a vital part of this process. Assisting an established celebrity hairstylist will help you learn the ropes of the trade more quicker. You must also be open to travel, flexible hours, etc., and must have the passion to be a trendsetter rather than a trend-watcher.

Hair Influencer

If you believe in the power of social media, wait no more and sign up for the exciting life of a hair influencer. Fair warning – it isn’t that easy to transform yourself into a social media star. If it was, everyone would be doing it. However, the most significant advantage is that you can be a beginner or an expert – all you need is patience to build your online presence as a hair influencer. You can showcase your styling skills, give our hair care and styling tips, talk about trends in the hair industry, review hair products, etc. Once you establish yourself as a reliable influencer, monetize your reach through brand collaborations and other promotional opportunities.

Hair Educator

Being an educator can be one of the most rewarding hairdressing careers. You’ll not only keep your skills polished but also facilitate others to develop theirs and chase their dreams too. Sharing your knowledge with other hairdressers or aspirants is a highly responsible job. You are helping build the hair industry by helping future professionals skill up. How do you do this? From starting an online course to starting your own hair academy – the opportunities are limitless if you are innovative.

All of the above hairdressing careers can open your doors to:
Exploring global opportunities in hairdressing
Associate with brands in the industry
Build your own brand

So, which one is your first choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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