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5 Reasons to Enroll in Short Courses at VC Academy

What is a Short Course? 

At VC Academy, we have designed hair and makeup courses to suit your unique needs. From beginners to experienced professionals, our students are a vibrant mix of talented and passionate individuals with specific goals. You can either commit to learning the A to Z of hair and makeup or focus on one subject at a time. The courses that are designed to explore a specific subject in detail are often short – in terms of overall time consumption and fees. 

So, if you are keen to learn more about a specific technique or trend, a VC Academy short course is the right thing for you. Here’s why:


Expanding your knowledge base is vital to staying relevant in the industry. Because learning never stops – it’s a continuous process that enriches your ability and perspective. Regularly upgrading your skill set helps you stay on top of industry trends and develop your own style. But it’s not about being the jack of all trades and master of none. Each short course explores a subject that compliments your existing skills and eventually, adds up to improve your overall approach to hairdressing or makeup. 

Skill Upgrade

As discussed above, versatility comes with skill upgradation. A VC Academy, Short Course helps you get a focused understanding of a certain subject. It could be a new technique or style, a technology upgrade that is soon becoming a global standard, or a style that is out of your comfort zone. You can challenge yourself to master a specific technique and build confidence. But most importantly, a short course is the sure shot way to getting certified regularly. A VC Academy certificate is guaranteed to open your doors to exciting opportunities.


Apart from skill upgradation and versatility, short courses are best suited for specialization. Several sought-after skills can fast-track your hairdressing or makeup career. If you are keen to explore these techniques further and fine-tune your skills, a short course is an ideal platform for absolute focus. You’ll be mentored by professionals who have immense knowledge and experience in niche subjects. The course presents an opportunity to work closely with like-minded individuals and enrich your educational experience. Once you complete a short course, you can customize your hairdressing, styling, or makeup process and services to highlight your specialization.

Time Efficient

Short Courses are the best solution if you don’t want to compromise on upgrading your skills while engaged in a regular job or don’t have the luxury of time due to any other reason. The course duration, class timings, frequency, etc. are designed to help you manage your daily schedule. The focused curriculum helps you learn more in less time as a particular subject takes the spotlight. Depending on your experience and existing skill set, you can choose the subject you want to specialize in or understand more. Reach out to us for more details.

Budget Friendly

Juggling a job and continued education is not easy – but neither can be compromised for the other. If you are worried about the rising cost of education, a VC Academy short course can take some of that stress off. Our courses are budget-friendly to reflect the course duration and content. However, the lower fee has no impact on the quality of education you’ll receive. Your mentors, instructors, course material, and practical resources will be of optimal quality, provided to you with minimal time and money consumption.

Investing in hair education should be a priority and habit to anyone looking at long-term growth. Budget you spend on upskilling and invest on education at least twice a year. The amount you spend on two vacations can develop skills that help you make twice as much. 

For more information on VC Academy’s short courses, call us today  +91 97691 00070 or email us at

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