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5 Reasons to Sign Up for a Vipul Chudasama Academy Course

On the fence about the next big step in your career? If you are here looking for a reason to join an upcoming course at the Vipul Chudasama Academy, we could give you a hundred. But let’s keep it simple and start with these five:

World-class Education
Indian ingenuity and global perspective – what makes VC Academy different from the others is our comprehensive curriculum and teaching techniques developed to explore the universal character of hairdressing – and not just what’s trending in one part of the world. At the VC Academy, you’ll explore and master global techniques and styles, so that you are ready for an opportunity from anywhere in the world, at any time. We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone – not only in terms of hairdressing but in everything else that accompanies it to develop added skills that elevate your professional success.

Matchless Mentors
Vipul Chudasama is an Indian hairdressing icon and developing your skills under his mentorship is an achievement only a few have bragging rights to. But with the VC Academy, you can take a step closer to making that dream come true. That’s not all – every mentor and instructor at the academy bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you on the path to success. With a proven track record of skilling up the most employable graduates, VC Academy strives to kickstart the careers of India’s future hairdressing icons and legends.

Foundation for Future
It’s all about “how you do it” – not “how much you do it.” Quality over quantity is a VC Academy staple – mastering the art of hairdressing requires immense patience in understanding why you are doing things in a certain way. We strive to tell you the art and science behind every tool and technique so that you’ll have no problem adopting what you learn at the Academy into your future career. Some rules are meant to be broken – but it won’t work unless you have a strong foundation to tell good and bad ideas apart.

Celebrate Individuality
We believe that every student at VC Academy is unique – in their art, skills, talent, passion, and ambition. And we strive to help you bring out the best of your individuality through dedicated mentoring and attention to detail. You don’t have to follow the flock to mediocrity – VC Academy is all about learning how to do hair with emotion, creativity, and passion. So, if you dream of standing out and carving out a niche in the profession, you’ve found the place to take the next step toward that dream.

Reliability & Credibility
A certificate in hairdressing from VC Academy is your fast pass to the most incredible opportunities in the industry. Once you complete a course – short or long – with us, it gives your skills and talent an added boost of credibility that’s sought after by brands and businesses. And with a good reputation comes better job opportunities. That is why VC Academy is one of the most sought-after hair education institutes in the country, with rave reviews from everyone who has stepped up their career with the right courses.


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