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Dress for Success: Vipul Chudasama Talks Personal Style

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When you are in the business of looking good, it isn’t enough to preach and not practice. Gaining the clients’ trust is a process that starts with first impressions – make sure you are dressed for it. As much as he is renowned for his creativity and innovation in hair artistry, Vipul Chudasama’s personal style is an inspiration for any aspiring hair professional.

If you are on the path to figuring out how to dress on the job and make a statement out of it, this is where the search stops. Take notes as the maestro himself breaks down his approach to fashion & style…

Hairdressers around the world embrace the colour black – it’s our universal dress code and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with black. But that doesn’t mean you have to bury yourself in all-black at work and hide your personality. Always make sure to add unique touches to it – it could be as simple as some quirky socks or a brooch on the lapel. I like to mix and match with a variety of jackets, pocket squares, lapel pins, and even shoes; it works well with my classy minimal approach to personal styling.

When you are a beginner trying to find your footing in the industry, it could become overwhelming with all the inspirations coming your way. So, to begin with, think about what you are comfortable in. It isn’t about spending a lot of money – turning up in well-groomed in a clean pair of shirt and jeans with sharp shoes is any day better than an old blazer and dirty sneakers. The passion for your art must reflect on how you present yourself every day. If you look at my style, I keep it simple but impactful – same as my work. You’ll never see me wearing prints at a show or training session; only solid colours and sharp finishes.

Proper grooming is as important as dressing well; team VC is always encouraged to take good care of their hair. As for me, the focus is on thinning hair and regular colour sessions for my salt and pepper look. Beard styling and mani-pedi are also a part of my routine and for skincare, I have regular facials. As salon professionals are always in close contact with clients, I cannot stress enough on maintaining proper hygiene in your everyday grooming.



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