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Look & Learn

Do you want to develop a solid knowledge of styling principles to establish a strong foundation?

Progress from basic hairstyling techniques to commercial and high-fashion up styles. Learn open hair styling techniques with dryers, irons, and tongs to create a hairstyle that your clients will always want.

Learn about our inspirations, ideas, and primary styles in a day-long workshop. We’ll be demonstrating key looks on models and the advanced techniques behind them, so you can commit them to memory and have a better understanding of our vision.

The fashion-driven day can be concluded with a meet-and-greet with the team so you can experience their creative spirit.

Duration / Timings

1 Days

Theory – Demo

Time: 2 – 6 PM


8 Students : 1 Teacher


Entry level styling knowledge.

What will you learn?

Evenjaleaf Tekriwala

"I'm so grateful to have attended the Vipul Chudasama Academy. The education and preparation I received were top-notch and set me up for success in the hairdressing industry. I felt confident and excited to enter the workforce after graduation, and I know that I will cherish the memories I made there for a lifetime. If you're considering a career in hairdressing, I would highly recommend attending Vipul Chudasama Academy - it's one of the wisest decisions you could make!"


₹ 5000 /- + GST

Duration: 1 Day

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