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Vipul Chudasama’s Must-Have Hairstyling Tools & Products

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Every profession has a set of tools and techniques that make it unique. Hairstyling needs an arsenal of carefully chosen tools to create precise styles and a plethora of products to easily manage hair while styling it.

Here are 6 hairstyling tools and products that Vipul Chudasama can’t live without:


Vipul prefers the sleek and stylish Dyson Supersonic hair dryer for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is lightweight and is attractively designed to facilitate easy movement. But most importantly, it comes without a filter or fan at the back – no chance of hair getting stuck in the filter, as with other dryers. The Dyson dryer also features automatic temperature control, making it technically superior too.

Flat Iron

A ceramic Iron by Ikonic Professional is Vipul’s pick when it comes to versatility and ease of use. It heats up in seconds and does not go beyond 210°C – however, Vipul works around 160°-180°C, as anything higher than that is not good for your hair. The hair iron is also shaped to allow many variations from straight to curls.


Curls are never going out of style and there are several variations that demand the use of a good tong. Vipul’s choice of brand is BaByliss Pro for its overall styling comfort and ease of usage.


Vipul uses a volumizing mousse in multiple ways – for styling, cutting, blow drying, and even for hair-up. TecniArt Full Volume by L’Oréal Professionnel is his preferred choice as it has a good hold, control, and moisture. It helps to style better with improved volume and give clean sections while cutting. Besides, the hair can be immediately dried after a cut with the product already applied – giving it a more natural finish.


L’Oréal Professionnel Elnette, Infinium, and Tecni.ART Air Fix are Vipul’s top 3 picks in hair sprays for various requirements. Elnette is a light and gentle hairspray that can be used to re-style hair quickly. Infinium has a stronghold which is quite helpful is fixing styles, while Air Fix is the strongest and can be used for bridal updos and other complex styles that need long-lasting results with good shine, control, and hold.


Hairdressers sheers are no ordinary tools – their precision has a huge impact on the quality of your skills. Vipul favours the offset shears from Joewell – the Japanese brand offers hairdressers scissors made from premium Hitachi steel, known for laser-sharp precision and superior quality. Even after using a pair for the last 6-7 years, they remain as good as new without any need for sharpening. The offset shears also facilitate easier movement without focusing on the 90° angle of elbows, as is the case with straight scissors. It also helps to be more creative with personalizing and texturising a cut without much stress on the wrists.



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