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5 Must-Do Courses to Fine-Tune your Hair Education

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From building a strong foundation to acquiring advanced skills in hairdressing, the diverse range of courses offered at Vipul Chudasama Hair Academy is your ticket to fine hair education and a fruitful career adhering to global standards. Designed and developed over the span of 15 years in educating hair professionals, these modules are crafted to give you a comprehensive understanding of the art and seek new heights in innovations. Professional certification by Vipul Chudasama Hair Academy is widely recognised as a prized qualification by all major salon chains in India and beyond.

Here are the most sought-after academy courses that can help establish yourself in the  competitive hair & beauty industry:

Nail the ABC of Hairdressing

There’s always a carefully planned first-step to every successful career – our 4-month long Academy Beginners Course is one of them. Come with your passion for hairdressing and we will help you transform your talents into globally-appreciated skills. Discover the secrets of effective and innovative hairdressing, master the basic theory, techniques, and tools to kickstart your professional journey, understand cutting, styling and colouring – all this and more under the expert guidance of a renowned hair educator hailed for his unparalleled reputation in the Indian Beauty & Hair industry.

Get a Boost to Pro Level

So, you are already a proud member of the hairdressing space – now, it is time to make your mark in this dynamic industry. In just 22 days, we can guide your way up in the contemporary salon business by focussing on improving your personal skills. Signing up for our ‘Creative Pro’ course is the right step towards an enriched professional graph, as the academy experts familiarize you with various aspects of modern hairdressing – from the secrets of cutting to effective communication.

Time to Take the Teacher’s Role

Got 5+ years of Hairdressing experience and a drive to lead? Join our 2 Week Teacher Training course to upgrade your expertise from practitioner to mentor. If you have had the privilege of formal hair education, it is unnecessary to convince you how important qualified training is for a rewarding professional life. Giving back the knowledge would enable you to spread the message and help mould the future generation of talented artists. The course is designed to familiarise yourself with tried and tested training methods to demonstrate, lecture, and assess the students, as you prepare to step into the shoes of an educator.

Upgrade your Key Skills

Practice makes perfect – the undisputed rule in the creative world drives us to push our boundaries every day. Stretching your limits become easier if you have a certain interest worth exploring – especially, in the hairdressing industry it is important to make your mark with a unique style. Our collection of short-term advanced courses cover topics such as creative cuts and men’s barbering to bridal fashion and consultation. The skill-based training modules are crafted to cater to your specific interests in various hairdressing techniques and trends with an immediate scope of application.

Master the Look

Spend a day watching the maestro enthralling you with his dextrous passion for innovative styles at our ‘Look N Learn’ sessions. Tap into their creative minds as Vipul Chudasama and his team demonstrates signature looks on models to give you a first-hand account of the techniques involved and the inspiration behind the idea. All you need is entry level hairdressing knowledge and a love for designing hair.

Have a specific course plan in mind or an expert query to ask? Get in touch with us for a bespoke session that can be designed to address your unique needs.

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