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Post Hair Colouring: What To Do & Tell Your Client

From consultation to execution, hair colouring can be a long process. Once it’s done, there are a few things that every professional hairdresser must do before the client leaves the salon. Here’s a checklist you can follow:

Show them how to style it best

You aren’t done unless you style the freshly coloured hair properly. This is your final chance to correct mistakes or take additional suggestions from the client, if feasible. As a professional you know how to present the hair well with styling. But be open to the client’s preferences and give them a few styling tips for home. 

Don’t forget to recommend further cut/colour/styling options and encourage them to return to your salon. Your communication and customer service skills play a major role in client retention and loyalty. 

Give them a home care brief

Whether you have a lot of experience maintaining coloured hair or not, it is your job to remind them of the proper home care to sustain the colour for longer. The dos and don’ts after hair colouring are easily available online, but there could be tips that are specific to the colouring process that you have just completed. 

Recommend products that your client must or may consider using to make the colour last longer and protect their hair. Don’t forget to tell them what to avoid too. Also, add hairstyling tools to your post-hair colouring home care brief. 

What next?

Most clients would have many questions about when they need to refresh the colour or when they can get a fresh hair colour done. Make sure you answer these questions, even if the client forgets to ask them. Inform them about the right treatments to maintain coloured hair health and when they should get them done ideally. Better yet, help them book their next appointment at the salon before they leave. 

Don’t forget to mention how much a colour refresh, treatments, and other salon services will cost them. If you recommend products, do give them an estimate for that too – not just the cost, but also how long the product will last before they have to buy the next bottle.



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