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Professional Hair Education is the Key to Sustained Success

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Do you need formal training to be a professional hairdresser? Isn’t talent, practice and dedication enough?

It is easy to think so, especially if you look back on the years when hair professionals leaned heavily on their experience and reputation alone to make a mark in the salon industry. However, today that same industry is a dynamic universe that demands specialities to survive its ever-changing demands. Not only do you need formal training as a beginner, but it is also recommended that even expert hairdressers brush up their craft every once in a while to stay on top of their game.

So, why do you need formal Hair Education?

1 – Employability

Consumer behaviour is a reflection of the changing socio-economic atmosphere – global trends are no longer determined by icons and experts. With easy access to information, there is better awareness among the clients, which in turn has a direct effect on their demands. To keep up with this mushrooming trends in the industry, salon businesses need to be on their toes with the best available services. And to ensure client satisfaction, only the creme de la creme of beauty and hair professionals make it to the higher echelons of salon employment.

Making it to the top is a multi-layered process. Of course, the passion and drive to make a name for yourself in the salon industry is an important factor. But it is also important to channel that energy in the right direction, which is a process that can only be achieved through expert guidance. From choosing the school and mentor to upgrading your skills with the right technique, formal hair education is your reserved pass to the top.

2 – Motivation

It’s not easy being stuck on the floor doing the same treatments and services day in and day out. How do you keep the creativity sharpened? You need to feed it with new ideas, every now and then. Do not think you have achieved it all once you master the basic skills and get yourself on the payroll of a reputed salon – keep pushing ahead to the next step in your career. Invest in your craft by enrolling for masterclasses or advanced courses, periodically. This would not only boost your abilities but also introduce you to an environment where you will interact with like-minded individuals.

Being around passionate people can renew your dedication to the profession, encourage you to push your limits and experiment. In a salon environment, there are very rare opportunities to experiment with your innovations; in a classroom not only would you get the encouragement to go ahead but also receive instant feedback to make improvements if needed.

3- Sustainability

Industry veterans opine that it takes at least 5 years to be an expert hairdresser. Practice is the key – but continued education is beneficial in the classroom as it is on the floor. ‘Lifelong Learning is not a term that most successful professionals are stranger to. Periodic evaluation and upgradation of one’s skills are relevant to both the novice and the master. This not only allows you in honing your craft but also keeps your clients happy and thus grows your brand.

Playing it safe is the riskiest course of action you could take – be sure that your business would seek out innovative pastures for their fill of trending hairstyles. Staying on top of the game is beyond reputations and loyalty, as today’s consumer prefers to see something new every day. It is important to keep up with their pace by accepting and familiarising yourself with the latest of techniques and tools.



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