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Covid19 Dilemma – Survival at Stake for the Salon Industry

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2020, a year that would have otherwise gone down in history as an exciting new beginning, has instead taken a wrong turn in just a couple of months. The new ’20s will now be known as the decade that began with a pandemic. While the world is better equipped to fight viral diseases such as COVID19 than ever before, it remains to be seen how far this new challenge will stretch our healthcare systems and overall social lives.

The impact has certainly not been gentle on the global economy – the virus does not discriminate between industries; however, high-contact sectors like our salon businesses that generally fall into the non-essential category are faced with a bigger threat than reduced revenues and operational restrictions. Here, survival is at stake and by the end of this crisis, many might not even make it to another business day.

Work From Home Not Applicable

WFH (Work-From-Home) is the new norm and our nation seems to have come to terms with it. But not everyone has the privilege of a virtual workday. For salon businesses, workdays begin hours before the first client walks through the door – being present at our designated workspace is the priority. The interactions with consumers are inevitable and social distancing, as vital as it is in the current scenario, is a big blow to our livelihoods.

We are with you. Are you with Us?

While the current situation in India was still evolving in early 2020, several salon and beauty businesses were already taking initiatives to ensure maximum safety to their clients as well as staff. In accordance with guidelines from WHO and other concerned authorities, immediate steps were taken to help stop the novel coronavirus from spreading further into our society. We are all fully committed to the government’s efforts to contain the pandemic and staying safe at home is the best way to achieve this together.

On the other hand, as each day passes it is hard not to think about lockdown impact on the industry. Be is business owners or salon professionals, we are all concerned about the bills and invoices waiting to be paid. Bank loan EMIs, rent, salaries, utility bills and much more pose a challenge as we look forward to getting back to our businesses and jobs. The survival of the Indian salon industry seeks attention – while, the way forward is to be treated with optimism, the uncertainty is hard to ignore. It is time to think about supporting each other – within the industry and through the government as well.



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