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Precision – The Key to One-Length Haircuts

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Way before we celebrated the new year 2020, global trendsetters were busy setting the stage for the decade’s first big hair trend – the one-length cut. A simple straightforward technique that only needs precision to perfect.

 Got steady hands and an eye for detail? You can nail the one-length haircut too. To help you along, here are a few expert tips from India’s top hair pro – Vipul Chudasama.

‘Precision is key’ is a mantra that I myself and team VC religiously follow in our day to day work. It doesn’t matter what your individual styles are – attention to detail can take even the simplest samples of your work to another level of expertise and appreciation. And don’t think a few nicks and trips don’t matter – when it comes to quality hairdressing, consistency is a desirable quality.

When it comes to one-length haircuts, use any tool that you are comfortable with – it could be a trimmer or scissors. Just make sure your preferred tool assists in well-balanced hair design with clean lines. This could be a bigger challenge than you think – in my experience, one-length is extremely demanding in terms of technique. Even if you leave a half-an-inch difference on one side, the whole haircut will be skewed. Worse yet, the mistake would be obvious and easily noticeable, even to the untrained eye.

The one-length hair trend is sure to catch up with the Indian consumers soon, even though layering is hard to let go of. Make sure you are prepared to face the challenge. Crosschecking is a must-do after every section – do not compromise on even a millimetre. Balance is crucial; if you leave the second section slightly longer than the first, eventually by the sixth or seventh section your mistake would have run 6-7 mm longer!

No matter what service you are providing a client, keep precision on top of your priorities. Pay attention to details – understand the client’s face shape, hair density, and length before suggesting a cut. Aim to mould the hair into clean shapes that compliment their features and needs.



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