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5 Questions Makeup Artists Must Ask Clients

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No longer a luxury, makeup is one of the top priorities in putting together any special look – be it for wedding celebrations or any other occasion that deserves the best in personal grooming. Makeup artists must ask their clients a set of questions to make sure their expectations match your creativity. We recommend leading with the following:

Q – 1: How would you describe your dream look?

“I am looking for a traditional Indian look” – this is as elaborate as client briefs go in most cases. And others could come to you with a bunch of celebrity inspirations and Instagram references – but that doesn’t mean they are looking to dress up exactly like the girl in the picture. The client might be crushing on just a few elements from the reference pics – and as an MUA, it is your job to figure out which ones and then design a unique look that incorporates them as well as suit the client’s natural features, occasion etc.

Even when a client keeps insisting on something, but if you think it could go wrong, don’t hold back – remember you are the expert here. In a calm and professional manner, explain to the client why you think it wouldn’t work and offer alternative ideas that could enhance the look.

Q – 2: Is your skin allergic to anything?

Client safety should be #1 concern for any professional artists and as makeup artists work with the skin, it is important to gather all relevant information available even before you even touch the client’s face. An experienced MUA can easily identify skin type, but best to confirm it with the client – also, ask them if their skin reacts to any particular product or brand. It would also be good to know how the client’s skin behaves with temperature changes and weather, depending on where the event is being held.

Stock your kit with appropriate products and also do a test run after the consultations, so that there are no unfortunate hiccups on the D-day.

Q – 3: What are you wearing to the event?

Ask them if you could see the dress beforehand – at least an image brought in for the consultation can help you pick our colour schemes and styles. Even if they are yet to zero in on the dress, be sure to understand what’s in their mind. This is a question that is crucial in bridal makeup – as you can suggest hairstyles, colours, and accessories according to the jewellery, neckline, cut, embellishments, and colours of the ensemble.

You can also ask the client about the event theme, colour scheme, decor etc so that the makeup style you choose does not stand in high-contrast or blend away.

Q – 4: What is your daily makeup routine like?

Understanding the daily makeup routine of your clients will give you a pretty good insight into their preferred style. Also, for someone who is not used to it – heavy makeup can be quite uncomfortable. It will also give you an idea of how much you can experiment and be creative about the look you are designing. After all, carrying it off with grace is the final step to good makeup execution.

Q – 5: Do you have any particular concern?

You can ask the client if they would like any particular feature to be enhanced or if there is anything to minimise – like the nose or lip. There could also be specific rituals or colours to avoid, in the case of a wedding – may be the bride is worried about sweating due to the venue and weather. There could be a million concerns that a nervous bride could have. It’s best to lend your support and care to put them at ease.



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