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5 Careers to Choose From After Learning Makeup

Look good to feel good is now a popular mantra in our daily lives. Makeup has powers beyond your imagination. It is no longer synonymous with vanity and makeup artists immensely benefit from this change in perspective. While it is easy to think that a makeup education has limited reach, the reality is far from it. The beauty industry has spread its influence over a variety of niche jobs that require professional skills and up-to-date knowledge.

So, it is time to break away from outdated notions about a makeup artist’s career options and broaden your perspective. Let’s get you acquainted with five of the most rewarding careers in beauty today:

Makeup Artist

Complete a makeup course, get certified, and start working as an MUA – everyone knows the drill. But, it’s not that simple. “Makeup Artist” is a broad term and there are multiple specializations that define it better. Sure, when you are a rookie you may be tempted to play it safe as a salon stylist or freelancer. But the real opportunities lay in picking a niche.

In India, a bridal MUA is the safest bet – there are thousands of brides waiting for an expert to make their dream looks come true. You can always start small and build up your reputation to carve out a successful career in bridal beauty. But don’t forget – there are always opportunities such as celebrity, theater/film/performance, retail, fashion, media, and more to consider.

Prosthetic Artist

If you enjoy pushing the limits of makeup and have a fascination for the arts, the world of special FX could be the right fit for you. It’s the best route off the beaten path where you can make the impossible possible by designing prosthetics and SFX makeup for films and more. And don’t mistake CGI’s role in replacing the skills of an SFX makeup artist. Computers can’t do everything; believe it or not, prosthetic designers are more in demand than ever.

Beauty Influencer

It begins with the beauty writers and editors that bring the nuances of makeup to the masses through print and digital media. But with the advent of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the opportunities in the field are endless for a makeup expert. An additional advantage is that makeup influencers can start their careers with minimal investment – all you need is oodles of confidence and about the same amount of patience. Successful beauty influencers can open their doors to more significant opportunities involving makeup brands and the mass media via the small screen that fits our hands.

Makeup Educator

Once you gain experience, you’ll realize that skills are best developed when shared. As a trainer, you are helping create a skilled workforce and furthering your beauty and makeup expertise. Education – when given or taken – leads to a better understanding of constantly updating trends and resources in the industry. The career opportunities in makeup education go beyond academies and training institutions. Salon/product brands employ skilled developers to optimize their services and business. Trainers can expand their career benefits globally and find their way to international avenues in beauty.

Product Production

Good makeup requires the right skills and products. And, if you are curious about formulations and technologies that bring out the best in your favorite makeup products, consider a career in market research or production. It’s all about knowing what’s good and what’s bad, and what the consumers need. You can work closely with brands to develop products and market them with your skillset and experience as a makeup artist. Or, you can take a bold step towards creating your own product line and building a beauty business.


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