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Kickstarting your Career with #TeamVC

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First, we brought you all the inside scoop on our inspiring mentors and senior stylists. Now, meet the inspired interns of Team Vipul Chudasama. Let’s listen in on their thoughts about giving their hairdressing careers a boost with our comprehensive training program.

The first step to a successful career, irrespective of industry, is crucial. Do your best to get the best of expert guidance, so that you learn the right things at the right time. Ridam, Freya, and Hemant – our #TeamVC interns sought out the best of formal hair education and mentoring at Vipul Chudasama Salon & Academy. And we couldn’t be happier to hear them describe their experience as “Magnificent”, “Phenomenal”, and a “Dream come true”.

It is indeed a dream come true for us mentors too – passing on our knowledge is a privilege we enjoy immensely. Watching that knowledge spread through the booming Indian hairdressing industry is even more invigorating.

Now, over to Ridam, Freya, and Hemant to give you a sneak peek into our inspiring internship program:

3 Important Lessons Learnt through #TeamVC

Ridam: The importance of precision, having a vision, and focus, consistency, and patience.

Freya: Consistency, Professionalism, and Never to Stop Learning

Hemant: How to interact with clients, How to communicate with models, and being professional on the floor

Your USP as a Part of #TeamVC

Ridam: Male hairdressing and hair colouring

Freya: Styling/Precision

Hemant: Immense respect for my profession and hence, a sharp approach to my work

Role of Formal Hair Education & Guidance in your Career

Ridam: Has helped me in thinking out of the box, customising looks, and being professional & confident.

Freya: It has made me understand the logic behind everything we do. Detailed education helps me answer the clients’ queries and also, understand the root cause of a problem to give the correct solution to it.

Hemant: Has paved an informed and inspired path for a successful career in the future.

Biggest Takeaways from Being a Part of #TeamVC

Ridam: At Vipul Chudasama Salon & Academy, we put our heart and soul into designing hair. Hair is our world and we are trained to give each client their best salon experience as well as the confidence to carry their looks well. At Vipul Chudasama Academy, it is about ‘Why Hair’ and not ‘How Hair’. It’s an educational experience that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else – we do not learn just learn a few hairdressing tricks, we learn how to custom design more tricks too.

Freya: Making my foundation strong with reliable education and guidance.

Hemant: I can say with my head held high that there is no other academy in India that could have given me this quality of formal hair education. It is at par with global standards and I am proud to have been moulded by Vipul Chudasama Academy.



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