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See & Do with Kérastase Le Voyage Graduates

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Taking the stage as a guest artist at the Kérastase Le Voyage Graduation ceremony, Vipul Chudasama inspired the graduates through his insightful interactions and styling demos – including a ‘See & Do’ show. Here’s a rundown of the one-of-a-kind event that celebrated some of the most promising young talents looking to make their name in the industry.  

Kérastase, the leading luxury hair care line, is synonymous with indulgent experiences. The Kérastase Le Voyage Graduation event was no exception. Held at the Taj Mahal hotel in New Delhi, the graduation ceremony was accompanied by a variety of opportunities for the students to experience the best of everything – including the guest artist for the day, Vipul Chudasama.

Around 70 aspiring hairdressers graduated at the first-ever Kérastase Le Voyage graduation ceremony after completing a challenging 14-day course at Kérastase technical academies across India. Among the hundreds who participated in the specialised course that comprised of various levels, these few talented students passed every level to be conferred a certificate for advanced skill training.

Inspiring Dreams

Vipul was tasked with inspiring the young minds that seek higher achievements in hairdressing through his insightful views on the Indian salon and hairdressing industry and how to make your way through it to success. His own 17-year journey traversing several stages of becoming an influential hair artist was among the highlights of the interaction. Vipul also instructed the graduates on how to conduct themselves as an artist – in the salon and otherwise. He stressed the importance of exploring digital media in this new age, where along with being a skilled hair professional, you could also find success as a hair influencer that spreads awareness and inspiration across the nation and the world.

Innovating Skills

Apart from boosting their knowledge and understanding of the industry, Vipul also gave the Kérastase Le Voyage graduates an exclusive masterclass on cut and styling. The  Look ‘n Learn, followed by ‘See & Do’ session in the afternoon detailing how to achieve elegant looks through simple techniques and Kérastase products. At the ‘See & Do’ students watched Vipul putting together the look on stage while replicating the same on their models, simultaneously.

From a ‘long to lob’ transformation to an elegant luxe ponytail, Vipul’s agenda for the show was based on fun and simple styling while learning to respect hair – a thoroughly engaging experience for the students as well as the teacher!



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