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Makeup Talk with Pooja Chudasama

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A career in makeup on your mind? Before you take a giant step into this promising profession, there might be a few queries to which you want an expert’s opinion.

Our Makeup Director, Pooja Chudasama is here to lay down the details of how to pursue a career in makeup and how you can stand out as a professional, despite the ever-evolving consumer demands and industry trends.

Make-up is evolving. How can you set yourself apart from the competition to build a successful career?

Makeup has never seen a better time than now! Social Media has a major role to play in its growing acceptance among various sections of the global society. More and more people are expressing their interest in learning the art of makeup to help themselves get ready better on a day-to-day basis. However, when you train to be a professional makeup artist, you will always be a step ahead in the game. Experience and expertise are the two crucial factors that differentiate between an amateur and a professional – when your fundamentals are strong, you can never go wrong in terms of techniques.

What are the three qualities that every aspiring professional MUA must have?

  • A strong foundation of ideas about what to do
  • Ability to think creatively and innovate any desired look
  • Know when to stop – one should control the use of products or colours

What is the right way to plan your makeup education?

Time and money are of the essence to kickstart any profession. Just as parents lookout for the best education you can get as a child, your professional education needs the right set of qualities too. Learning the basics thoroughly is the first step to an in-depth understanding of a subject or skill and that is why a professional training institute is an important aspect of your career building. Armed with up-to-date knowledge from a reputed training school, your next step should be to gain experience – be it assisting an established artist or working for a salon. ‘Practice is the Key’ – the more action you take, the better you learn.

How does Vipul Chudasama Academy ensure the best makeup education?

At Vipul Chudasama Academy, we are a team of qualified makeup and hair experts who truly understand the unique needs of every student who walks through our doors, dreaming of a flourishing career. Our international approach to education, will not only guide them towards the art of enhancing beauty but also lead them to a lifetime of intense knowledge and diverse skills.

What is your USP as a makeup educator?

Having learnt and practised the art and profession of makeup from one of the finest institutes in the world – London School of Makeup, I have had the chance to experience the best version of a makeup student’s life. Apart from my thorough understanding of the core concepts and evolving trends, international exposure helps me craft step-by-step guidance programs for my students, with a focus on developing their passion and skills through hands-on training and constant mentoring. Boosting their artistic and innovative bend of mind is one of the crucial aspects of professional makeup training at our academy.



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